To adopt participatory
approachfor durable
socio economical development
and empowering the
masses to Endeavour
for their basic
and inalienable rights


To Exhibit Maximum Commitment to ameliorate the down trodden masses in the sphere of education, Health,Sexual Reroductve Health Rights, Human Institution Development, Women Emancipation, Economical uplift & human right


Champanioning Human and
ethical values. Developmental
commitment. Gender equity. Truthfulness, Honesty and Dedication. Community participation.
Institutional development Ensure professionalism

Area of Operation

District Hyderabad,
Matiari, Tandoallahayar,
Tando Muhammad Khan,
Jamshoro and
Thatta of Sindh Province.

We Are NoN
Profit Organization CIDP

Communities Initiatives for Development in Pakistan (CIDP) Sindh is a non-Governmental non-profitable, voluntarily development organization

working for sustainable development of the deprived and backward communities of Sindh Pakistan. It was established in July 2007 and in registration process with Sindh and registered in society act XXI of 1860 .It was established by the group of ambitious young and dynamic friends who were well concerned over absence of the basic amenities of life at gross root level. The deploring condition of the unavailability of the basic amenities such as availability of the clean drinking water, emergency Health facilities, Education strengthening of social institutions, and avenues of sustainable economic development has put the life of our down trodden communities at their lowest ebb, and support to the communities in the natural disaster situation. Our common masses in the absence of these facilities were facing a moribund condition resulting in ultra poverty, Lacuna of education mainly female education, absence of Health facilities resulting in, increase in the mortality ratio. These circumstances have compelled our youth to ponder over the prevailing circumstances and think for the establishment of an organization which could endeavor its best the resolution of these issues at priority level. Keeping in view the above dream a group of young qualified and visionary friends has made up their mind to the set up of CIDP. The name of organization was also selected after visualizing the pathetic socio, economic conditions of our masses at gross root level. The name of organization very obviously elaborates its aims and objectives that it has designed and dreamed for masses at gross root level. In its short abbreviated name it is messaging of integrated efforts and approach for durable change in the socio economic fabric of life. The CIDP after its inception has unceasingly strived to bring the required facilities and avenues for the targeted areas where the masses are in acute need of the facilities .The CIDP has therefore focused its attention to bring some respite for the masses by providing them the necessary facilities which could help them to bring on the path of regular life.

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